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Ripe German GrapesIf you’re on the lookout for a zinfandel vineyard for sale in Napa, browse a wide variety of unique wine country options through Bergman Euro-National. We offer an exclusive inventory of properties, many of which are listed as confidential and therefore won’t be seen anywhere else. Bergman Euro-National is run by the exceptional father-and-son team of John and Scott Bergman, who have years of experience behind them as well as a complete knowledge of the logistics of growing and selling wine grapes for top dollar. We specialize in helping you find the wine property of your dreams while also making sure that the specific area is conducive to growing your chosen variety of grape.

Whether you’re wanting to view a zinfandel vineyard for sale in Napa, find a merlot vineyard for sale, or see if there’s an available chardonnay vineyard for sale, we are ready to step in and assist you in the process. Aside from our inventory of top-notch wine country properties, we also offer all the information you could ever need to know when considering buying a vineyard, including information on micro-climates and how they correlate with with the grape varietal, which grape varietal you should buy for your unique needs, and how much money it will take to obtain the raw plantable grape land and plant the vines themselves. In addition, we can also give you an estimate on how much you can plan to get paid per ton of grapes in your chosen area, depending on which type of wine you’re growing to produce, as well as provide projections for upcoming harvests.

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There are many things to take into consideration when you’re purchasing a vineyard. If you feel like you are unsure on some of the smaller details involved in the process, we are happy to connect you with a minimal-fee service that allows you to work with expert vineyard managers and viticulturists who will help you sift through and decide upon your every option. We’d also be happy to refer you to an investigative team who will ensure a thorough inspection of the house, a termite inspection, a septic inspection, well inspection, and more.

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