Wine Country Vineyard Broker

Close up of a Red Grape Wine Vine

When looking to purchase a vineyard property, it’s crucial to have a wine country vineyard broker you can work with and trust. Bergman Euro-National is a real estate brokerage firm specializing in the sales of vineyards, vineyard estates, large estate properties, and winery properties in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties. In our over 45 years in the real estate industry we have produced more than $2.5 billion in sales, and have sold 40% of all vineyard and winery sales in Napa and Sonoma Counties. In addition, many of the properties in our inventory are confidential, so you won’t find them listed anywhere else.

Team of Qualified Professionals

Whether you are looking for your new lifestyle in the wine country, a vineyard investment, or an operating winery, our firm can guide you through the entire process. Need a Sonoma vineyard broker? Bergman Euro-National can assist you in all aspects of purchasing and owning a winery, not just sales. We understand that you are making a considerable investment, which is why we work to ensure your purchase is financially sound and viable.

Bergman Euro-National specializes in all aspects of dealing with wine country real estate. As a Napa vineyard broker, we have access to professional resources and numerous specialists that are well-educated on the specific needs associated with buying and operating a winery in California’s lush wine country. With a reputation as the “Due Diligence Expert,” we will make sure that everything is inspected and in working order before making a purchase. We can pair you with an architect or building contractor should you need to build or renovate any structures. PhD viticulturists, septic engineers, well diggers, and well installers can work with you to investigate any agricultural or engineering needs of the land. Our accountants and attorneys that specialize in vineyard properties can assist you with any financial or legal obligations, and we even offer decorator and design services to accomplish the look you want.

If a vineyard for sale in wine country has caught your eye, or you’re looking for vineyard land, Bergman Euro-National can help facilitate the purchase and the process of investing and operating viticultural land. If you have been dreaming of purchasing a vineyard, we can make that dream a reality. Let us be your wine country vineyard broker.

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