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Whether you’re looking to sell your vineyard or simply interested in its market value, let a Sonoma vineyard realtor at Bergman Euro-National guide you through the process. With over 28 years in the business of selling some of the most well-known wineries and vineyard estate properties in Napa and Sonoma Counties, we have the experience and the contacts to insure you the highest level of professionalism.

Before you list a vineyard for sale a fair market value for it must be established. Properly pricing your property can make a huge financial difference, and our experience will allow you make the most of the sale opportunity. We can help you do so by first asking you to fill out a questionnaire and then visiting your property for further assessment. Afterwards we will send you a complete market evaluation of your property as well as compatible sales of like properties, provided to you with absolutely no obligation. The next step is to put together a marketing strategy catered towards your type of property and start our plan for selling your vineyard, all of which is approved by you beforehand.

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When we sell a vineyard, it is done very discretely, and prefer not advertising to the public. Prior to having any knowledge of your winery all potential buyers must sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement,” and are pre-qualified with verification of their ability to perform. Once the documentation is approved by you, a meeting is established for you and the potential buyer. The rest is up to the potential buyer to make an offer or not.

Let a professional Sonoma Vineyard realtor at Bergman Euro-National help you confidently list your winery for sale. Specializing in the sales of Vineyards, Vineyard Estates, large Estate Properties, and Winery Properties in Northern California, and having produced more than $2 billion dollars in sales in over 45 years, there’s a reason the largest and best-known wineries choose us as their realtor.

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