Vineyards, Vineyard Estates, Wineries & Large Estate Properties

Bergman Euro-National specializes in all aspects of dealing with wine country real estate. From raw dirt to completing an operating winery, to advising on planting a vineyard to building your dream vineyard estate home. We have access to all of the finest professionals that can accomplish all aspects of what you wish to accomplish in the wine country.

  • Due Diligent Experts
  • Winery and Vineyard Consultants
  • Licensed Architects
  • Licensed Contractors and Builders
  • PHD Viticulturists
  • Well Witchers
  • Well Diggers and Installers
  • Septic Engineers
  • Vineyard Management and Instillation
  • Accountants that specialize in wine country properties
  • Attorneys that specialize in Wine country properties
  • Decorators for homes and wineries

You have an idea of what you want to accomplish in the wine country and we can make it happen.

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